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[3D Audio] 3D Audio for 3D TV

The 3D3A Lab  is devoloping 3D audio for 3D TVs and other 3D video and cinema applications. The approach relies on advanced loudspeaker and DSP technologies.

You can read the press release at this link, or the resume that follows:

The new technology branded as DynaSonix™ is essentially a combination of CML’s technology to form and direct sound beams and Princeton’s innovative optimized cross-talk cancellation filter technology (called BACCH™ Filters). DynaSonix™ has been further enhanced by the addition of miniature Camera-Based Automatic Set-Up (CBAS™) developed by CML. A Flat Panel TV (FPTV) sound system using DynaSonix™ will be able to locate up to eight listeners in a room and then direct a pair of sound beams to each listener, one beam for the left ear and the other for the right.  Thanks to the effectiveness of Princeton’s novel BACCH™ Filter technology, the left ear and right ear hear two related but different sets of audio content. This allows for the delivery of a true 3-D audio experience, designed to complement the fast growing deployment of 3-D Televisions.

DynaSonix™  is similar to CML’s commercially successful Digital Sound Projector™ 5.1 surround sound technology, in that it delivers sound from a single array of tiny transducers integrated into the FPTV or placed in a soundbar unit, which sits under the TV’s screen. This means thatDynaSonix™ can deliver a theatrical 3-D audio experience without the need to wire the room for multiple speaker units.

CML expects to announce the details of this partnership in the Spring of 2011, and to be able to offer a fully mass-production ready solution in time for the consumer electronics industry’s 2012 model releases.


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